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Create a listing

Editing Your Listing

Once you have set up your Closet and entered your item you can at any time return and amend all parts of your listing through My Closet. Simply move your mouse over the listing you would like to edit, click on the settings icon and change whatever it is you wish to update.

Listing Your Item

When you use Restyle Closet, putting an item up for sale can be effortlessly done by selecting “List Your Item” from your dropdown menu. Simply complete all the fields and upload images of your item (remember to be open and honest about your item). You can relax while our Touchup Artists make your images look much better. Make sure to also upload clear images taken in good lighting against a contrasting background, and of a good resolution. You have an option to proceed to "Add and Continue" the listing or to add same item in a different colour. Note this process will not cover or disguise signs of wear and tear on any item. This will then be submitted to our Touchup Artistes who will make sure that your listing looks beautiful before it becomes live on our site.


Restyle Closet Fees when you List Your Items

Restyle Closet offers solutions to help you unlock the true value of your closet. To help you achieve this, when you List Your Items, we will review the photos of the clothes you have entered with your listing and where we feel it would benefit we will clean them up, removing background etc. which may detract from the product. We take care of your shipping and customer service needs. For these services Restyle Closet charges 15% of the sale price as a service fee on each transaction.

How Selling Works

That's right, we hear you - selling your designer pieces and supporting sustainable fashion should be simpler.

We provide a seamless solution to online sales, reducing the effort or time involved with a sale. Your Closet forms the central place where you manage both your purchases and sales. Items can be shipped out directly from your Closet, with a free courier pickup from your chosen location, pre-populated Shipping Label and funds deposited into your nominated bank. The whole process is guided and you will never even have to leave your home - unless you want to. 

Make a Purchase

Cancelling a Purchase

When you select to pay for a purchase, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with Restyle Closet and are therefore obliged to fulfil the transaction (including any additional postage costs).

Once you have placed your order, the seller should provide a Tracking Number within 3 days. If you do not receive a tracking number within 3 days from the time you make payment, you should Contact Us as soon as possible and we will follow up with the seller to investigate. If the seller does not respond, we will cancel the purchase and process your refund. If the seller does respond, the order will not be cancelled, and we will continue to facilitate it.

We have a strict No Cancellation Policy for change of mind. The costs of cancellation are high, and our policy is strict. A Cancellation Fee of 15% of the total amount paid will be levied if requested by the buyer on an item that is available to ship, or an offer to get a full refund in credit. A sale will be cancelled if the product is found to be faulty or damaged. Please Contact Us if you need further assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Receiving Your Item

Sellers are given 3 days from the time you make a payment to respond to your request to purchase their item. The seller is required to submit to Restyle Closet a Tracking Number for Your Order within the 3 days. A Tracking Number should appear against your order. If you are unable to view this Tracking Number against your order, you should Contact Us as soon as possible. Your funds will not be released to the seller until you have recieved the goods (per tracking records) and made no claim for refund within 48 hours of delivery.  Should the goods not be as stated in the advertisement and you are seeking a refund you must Contact Us within 48 hours of delivery and provide all the details that are requested.

Our Returns Policy

At Restyle Closet we seek to ensure your shopping experience is the best possible. With your purchase you will receive a Tracking Number which allows you to know when your item(s) are going to be delivered to the address you have supplied. We ask that when your item(s) are delivered that you immediately inspect them.  Should you believe that your purchase has been falsely represented by the seller, i.e. the item is not as advertised in the seller's listing, is damaged or faulty, please lodge your Return Request under Contact Us within 48 hours of delivery. We will investigate your case and fully refund if your case is valid. 

REMEMBER: Please check the item(s) as soon as it is delivered - if you are away or unable to inspect the item we cannot delay payment to the seller and hence you risk not obtaining a refund. If you seek to return an item it must not have been damaged by you and all original labels, tags and packaging as delivered should be intact.

Please follow these steps for submitting a Return Request:

1. Lodging a Return Request

You will be required to lodge a Return Request by clicking Contact Us within 48 hours of the delivery of your purchase. Please describe clearly your basis for seeking a refund by providing the evidence requested (clear photos are best) and any other necessary supporting materials for us to consider. We will also notify the seller of your complaint (your privacy will be maintained).

2. Return the item(s)

Once we have reviewed your Return Request and make the decision to proceed, you will be required to post to us the item(s) in question, and submit your Tracking Number, either within the same email chain, or with your Name and Registered Email Address if sending this across separately. Without a recorded Return Request and associated Tracking Number, we will be unable to identify which item to link to your Return Order and process your request accordingly.

3. Processing your Refund

Once your claim has been confirmed we will process your refund within 3 - 4 business days of receiving the returned item(s). 

Tips to follow when Buying on Restyle Closet

You will be able to track the delivery of your item using the Tracking Number provided by the seller. The Tracking Number will be displayed in Your Orders once a seller has confirmed the sale. 

If you have an issue with the purchase(s), please Contact Us immediately and provide us the Tracking Number as printed on the parcel. In the case where the seller posts the item to you without recording the Tracking Number in Your Orders, and you have an issue with your purchase, Contact Us and include the Item ID found under Your Orders while providing full details of your issue. 

Always make sure you inspect your purchases upon receipt for false representation or damage or faults or any other issues. We only give full refund into your account if you lodge your Return Request within 48 hours after the delivery of your purchase(s). If you notify us of your complaint later than 48 hours after the delivery of your purchase(s), we will process your refund as shopping credits.

Product Authenticity

At Restyle Closet, we are committed to protecting our buyers by supplying a safe and secure platform on which buyers can purchase preowned fashion online and get access to designer items at the best value. We have built systems to give you flexibility and control of your activities on our website. We are unable to guarantee the quality of the products listed by sellers on the website, as this is out of our control. Where buyers identify and can provide evidence of items which they have purchased that have been falsely represented (by the seller), are faulty, or damaged, we guarantee a full refund. To obtain the refund the buyer must provide the required notification to Restyle Closet within the 48 hour period following delivery to the nominated address (per tracking notices)  Where evidence identifies false representation, Restyle Closet will remove the seller and any of their listings from our platform to ensure a safe environment for our customers. Simply Contact Us if you need our assistance and we will work with you to make it right

Making a Purchase

Buying something you love is easy on Restyle Closet. You have the option of using either secure credit card or direct debit payment. Alternatively, you may choose to pay for part or all of your purchases with your 'earn-as-you-shop Restyle Closet Credits".

We offer a flat-rate shipping fee of $7.00 for all items purchased on Restyle Closet. 


Finding The Right Item

Use our convenient search box and filters to navigate the Restyle Closet site to find items from your favourite designers. You can even filter by condition or check if anyone has reduced their price using the "Extended Sale" feature, so keep checking back! We also have a section that showcases our current featured Style Picks from the Restyle Editors under Our Loves. Alternatively, if you notice a seller who posts your favourite brands and sizes you can also view their closet.

Completing a Sale

Shipping Your Item

When you have chosen an item you wish to purchase you will be asked to confirm your address (this cannot be a Post Office Box) and the weight of your item. If you are shipping a small item, the 1kg labels would definitely suffice. However, if you are sending over a shoebox, select the 2kg labels. Any large items would go under the 3kg or the 5kg label. You will need to pack your item(s) into a satchel or box of your own, or simply wrapped securely with packing paper. Each label will only fit one package. Please ensure packing is tight, as labels face volumetric contraints. Pick up can be arranged at your home or office to make it easier for you - make sure the Business Name and any relevant instructions are detailed in the Pickup Instructions.

If you choose to ship it yourself, you can access the Buyer Address from the "My Sales" tab in Your Orders. Do make sure that you collect the Tracking Number when you post your item, as you are required to upload this into "My Sales". If your item is lost, and you do not have a Tracking Number, we will be required to refund the buyer.

What happens if my item gets sent back by buyer to Restyle Closet for authenticity checks?

Restyle Closet aims to match sellers who own designer items in great condition that they no longer use with buyers who are looking for that special piece at a more affordable price. When a buyer agrees to a purchase they are entering into a contract and must make full payment for the item (into our Secure Vault) before it gets shipped. If the goods are not as you have described or have been damaged in transit, the buyer may be entitled to a refund and if so would be expected to return the item(s). 

The buyer has 48 hours from the point of receipt of the item to notify Restyle Closet of any issues that they may have of the item they have purchased. If this occurs, Restyle Closet will contact the seller and work with to achieve a resolution. If the buyer has a genuine case their funds will be returned and any costs associated with returning the item will be at the seller's expense.

To minimise any risk of this situation arising, always make sure you never misrepresent your items. Although we place a lot of onus on the safe delivery of your items, do make sure that your item is packed well to prevent it from getting damaged in transit.

Your Payout Options

With Restyle Closet you can choose to add your own items and set your own prices. If you would rather not deal with the selling process, just leave it to us and we can manage your sale for you and pay you once an item sells so that you have your time completely free to focus on what’s important to you. You can also choose your method of being credited, between bank transfer or Paypal account. We offer full flexibility to suit all of your selling preferences. If you want more information on any option you can Contact Us for further help.

Confirming the sale of your item

Watch your email and monitor your dashboard to look out for our notifications that your listing has been purchased. You will be able to confirm the sale of your item by heading to the "My Sales" under Your Orders and clicking on Shipping to initiate the delivery of your item. 

Always make sure that the condition of your item matches the description at all times. We strive to make Restyle Closet a safe place for everyone, and if you are flagged for misrepresentation, we might have to close your account. Make sure that you check that all wear and tear is clearly stated in the listing and there are no additional flaws with you designer apparel.

Cancelling a Sale

When you list an item on Restyle Closet if a buyer purchases it, you have accepted that the transaction is binding and you have an obligation to fulfil the transaction. It is for that reason that you set the price that it is available for a buyer to buy when you List Your Item. This is not an auction site so the price listed is the price the buyer must meet to get your item.

At any time prior to a sale occurring you may need to cancel a listing. This may occur in a range of scenarios - for example, you decide you wish to keep the item because you have a special function coming up and this is what you want to wear, alternatively you may realise that the item has other undisclosed damages and you feel it will not be suitable for sale, or you no longer have possession of the item. In these cases, before a sale occurs, please select the item and click "Mark as Sold" to render it unavailable. 

When a sale has occured, you are obligated to honour it. However, if you discover that there was undisclosed damaged on the item, or that it no longer matches some part of the description in the listing (i.e. listed as New with Tags, but no longer in the same condition at point of sale), please Contact Us immediately, explaining your situation. We will help you to review the transaction - this means selling at a lower price, or cancelling it altogether, depending on the instance. However, it is generally your responsibility to ensure that your listings are valid and the full condition of the item is as described. 

When does the seller get paid?

When a buyer confirms that they wish to buy your item they enter into a contract for the purchase of the goods.  Restyle Closet operates differently to others in that we have established a special finacial "clearing house solution which is formally known as Escrow" The Escrow is the means through which the buyer and the seller are connected. Once the buyer commits to the purchase they pay into the Escrow account where the funds are held awaiting release to the seller. The item will be picked up from the seller and transported to the buyer. The buyer and seller can track the goods via a unique tracking number. After delivery the buyer will have 48 hours from the time of delivery (per tracking records) to raise any issues with your item. Any concerns raised by the buyer will be shared with the seller as quickly as practical to allow for a speedy resolution. If no issues are raised by the seller within the 48 hour period the buyer triggers the release of the funds (from Escrow) and your funds will be credited to your nominated account within 3 - 4 business days. You can choose whether this should be payed to a bank account or a Paypal account (charges apply).

This payment approach is designed to protect both the buyer and seller - sellers are not asked to ship the item(s) until funds have been recieved into the Escrow account. These funds are released to the seller once the goods have been delivered and no issues which may require a return of the item raised within 48 hours. 

Shopping and Selling at Restyle Closet


Restyle Closet is a high end marketplace with the vision to support sustainable fashion. We are a premium platform that curates a quality collection of luxury listings from the best Australian and International brands, providing a safe community for buyers to source designer pieces.

All sales are monitored on our platform. When you make a purchase, you will be able to Track your Item when it is shipped. Items eligible for authentication will be checked further by our team to ensure that the piece you are purchasing is indeed genuine. Our process also brings control back to the shopper by enabling any issues to be highlighted to our Customer Service team before funds are released to the seller. 

We have a zero tolerance for counterfeit items, and full refunds will be granted if an item is found to be counterfeit. All such issues must however be highlighted within 48 hours of delivery to ensure a safe platform for both our buyers and sellers. 


Shopping sustainable high end fashion has never been easier. We curate luxury listings from brands that are known for their quality, unique design and craftmanship, that are highly coveted, occasionally out of stock elsewhere and even rare or limited edition pieces that will form an exceptional addition to your stylish wardrobe. These pieces typically maintain their resale value and have the characteristics of a piece that will last for many years to come. 

You can browse through our products using search and filtering features, or narrow your search to a particular seller or designer or the price range of your choice. 

Paying for purchases is also made safe and easy at Restyle Closet. You can choose to pay securely by debit or credit card via our safe, secure platform. Additionally, sellers only receive payments once the goods have been delivered and you have been given time to ensure you are satified that the product is as advertised.


Your satisfaction with the items you purchase through Restyle Closet is our highest priority. Upon delivery by the courier of your purchase (to the address you supplied), if the item(s) you receive does not align with the seller's product description in their listing, you must contact us within 48 hours of delivery (as shown on tracking records) with a Refund Request by clicking Contact Us, and return the item to us to review, in accordance with our further instruction. 

We will investigate your request and process a full refund accordingly.  Alternatively, if you experience a major problem with your purchase, such as non-delivery or damage in transit you should also Contact Us. However no refunds will be granted if you have simply had a change of mind. 


Selling can be a cumbersome process. At Restyle Closet, we assist and improve the experience, so that selling designer pieces out of your wardrobe will be a hassle-free experience.

Our customer service team handles most queries, so you will not be bombarded with endless questions or comments. We encourage highly detailed listings and reasonable pricing to encourage your sale with minimal effort or time. Your images are also edited to better represent your designer piece and increase your chances of sale. 

And when an item sells, you will be able to book a free courier pickup from your chosen location, with all information populated, and the funds transferred seamlessly to your nominated account.

How to use your Closet

What are the Standards for Preloved Clothes?

Quality is of utmost importance to our buyers. We want to foster a marketplace where we can trust that our sellers are always forthcoming about all details of their preloved apparel. This means all unique features of the item should be highlighted, along with any defects, signs of wear, marks or alterations. We understand that many of the items being offered have been worn before but we expect sellers to only offer apparel that is in good condition and that someone else would be able to love it in its current state.

We expect all sellers to honestly detail imperfections such as marks, stains or burns, any loose fabric, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. Failure to detail these will result a buyer rejecting your item when it is inspected after delivery. If this is the case the seller will have to claim their item and will not receive payment. The seller might potentially have their account on Restyle Closet closed for failing to truthfully state full details of the condition of the item they have offered for sale.

We do not condone sales of defective goods, with obvious tears or marks that render it in a condition that is unacceptable for continued usage. Please always be fair to your buyers and you will soon discover that this will benefit your rankings and your sales so you can truly discover the value of your Closet.

Brands We Accept

We only accept brands that are renowned for their attention to quality and design. Only send in items that belong to this list. If you think that we have missed out a brand that you would like to sell on Restyle Closet, you can reach out to us by clicking Contact Us. We are continually updating this list and are more than happy to welcome your feedback.

You may view the entire list here.

Personalising Your Closet

Add some character to your personal Closet, and make it reflect your identity. You can change your cover picture and profile picture, as well as add a description about yourself, your fashion style, or anything that would be interesting to a shopper in your Closet. 

You may also choose to make your Closet private, so that minimal personal details will be shown to shoppers. We do however encourage non-private profiles if you would like your Closet to stand out to a new shopper. 

Guide to Improving Your Sales

The Pictures:

The first thing that a potential buyer sees is the pictures of your item. When you create your listing the Restyle Closet team will review the pictures you have submitted and clean up your pictures where possible to enhance it and remove any noise which may detract from the item. Through this process we will not cover over any blemishes, stains or other visible signs of wear and tear on your item. In order to touch up your listing and enhance it to its full potential, please make sure that you follow these guidelines to ensure we are starting from the best possible place with the highest quality cover pictures.

To achieve The Look:

  1. Take your picture in a very bright place, preferably under natural light, or with a flash. The lighting might look harsh with flash, but trust us – it will look much better once we touch it up.
  2. Make sure that your item is ironed and laid down neatly or hung up with a hanger against a highly contrasting background. If your apparel is pastel coloured, place it against a dark background for optimal picture quality.
  3. Center your item right in the middle of the screen. Make sure that no parts of the item are cut off.
  4. Take pictures of your clothes from as many angles as required to show off the item beautifully. You may even take close ups to highlight details of the fabric.
  5. You may even upload pictures of yourself with the dress that show it off well.

The Price:

Even if your piece is BNWT (Brand New With Tags) and it is in perfect condition, it is still secondhand. Sales generally occur when an item is listed at about 60% discount to the retail price. So do bear in mind that, while we allow you to set your own prices and Restyle Closet is designed to help you get the best prices, the value of a preowned item tends to drop substantially, no matter how good the condition, simply because it is preowned.

If you would like to amend your sale price after noticing that your listed price is too high, simply go in and amend it from your Closet. We will inform interested parties that you have dropped the price (this should appear in Extended Sale)!

Sharing The Love:

If you have posted a quality designer item on sale at Restyle Closet, then don’t hide it from your friends. Use your network and your friend's networks to let them know where you have listed your items. 

Always Share as much Detail as you can:

Sharing more information with potential buyers reassures them that you have taken the effort to be upfront with all the relevant details about your item – even defects and signs of wear. Always be as honest as you can – misrepresentation results in an unhappy buyer and not getting paid!

Managing Your Sales

Making Changes to your Listings

Your Orders

When you make a purchase, they will show up in your ORDERS. Access them by heading to your CLOSET > MY ORDERS. From here, you will see details about your purchase, as well as the Status of the Transaction. 

When a Tracking Number is updated for your item to be shipped to you, you will receive and email and the Tracking Number will also appear here. Do make sure to monitor your item to ensure you receive it when it is marked as "Delivered".

You will be able to RELEASE FUNDS for your purchase to the Seller, once you are satisfied with your purchase. When you receive your item, check it well against the Listing. Then, do release funds to the seller. 

However, if you face any issues with your item, you will need to contact us immediately. This can be done via emailing us at [email protected] with your Transaction ID and the nature of your issue. You are given 2 business days to reach out to us. Thereafter, the funds will be released to the seller and the item is no longer under Buyer Protection. We do accept exceptions on a case-by-case basis, so just reach out to our friendly team and we will return your email as soon as possible.